The Health Freak Cousin

Introducing Atmosphere's Gift Guide – Designed with love, this gift hamper isn’t just a collection of products; it’s a gesture of warmth and taste, perfect for gifting to your jet-setting loved ones or those separated by distance during the holiday season. 


Show your health freak friend you love them by gifting them the best of health and holiday cheer with an endless supply of kombucha with our 3 box Kombucha Subscription, the weightless crunch of almond flour Sea Salt crackers, and our wholesome and simple Pancake mix. Make any occasion healthy and delightfully yummy with the perfect pairing of treats for a guilt free holiday, the gut-friendly way. Perfect for someone who’s been wanting to invest in their health for a while but doesn’t know where to get started 🌿


 We believe in celebrating the uniqueness of your loved ones, and that's why we've designed distinct hampers for every personality.

Rs. 6,194.00

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