Our Founders

Born and raised in Mussoorie, India, Ariella Blank is a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. Over the last 6 years, she has led over a hundred sessions at wellness cafés and corporates across India around gut health, anti-inflammatory eating, and fermentation. After helping Organic India launch its wellness centers and to train nutritionists for posts across India, she discovered that over 85% of her patients coming in for consultations suffered from IBS. To make things tougher, she discovered that the market didn't have a great source of probiotics, especially for those who are lactose intolerant (up to 70% of India's population). It was out of this very gap in the market that Atmosphere was born- since kombucha aids in healing IBS symptoms, balancing the gut, and even detoxifying the liver.

Rebekah Sood, on the other hand, is a business consultant specializing in health food. She grew up in Mussoorie, India, and completed her university degree in the U.S., where she gained experience as a head chef while working at a gourmet fusion restaurant. After three years of working in business in China, Rebekah returned to India in 2015 and became part of the founding team of FabIndia's 'Fab Cafe'. Rebekah currently lives with her husband in Delhi. By 2018 the sisters had successfully launched Atmosphere Kombucha and firmly set their foot as the healthier choice in the F&B industry. Today, their artisan kombucha is available in over 100 gourmet food outlets and cafés across the country. With the resolute efforts of their 100% female-run and led factory, they are steadily growing the brand beyond its current market. Their expertise lies in healing the body through the foods and herbs we choose to nourish it.

Taking a wholesome approach, reinventing popular yet unhealthy foods, and adding a robust twist to them- the two hope to make healthy choices accessible to all!


Simmi Robin has achieved her degree in food technology from Uttarakhand Technical University. She has completed her internship training with the renowned team of Haldiram Snacks- a household name for every Indian family. Additionally, she also has 2.5 years' worth of experience in the Modern Bread industry as a quality executive. With all these skills acquired and knowledge gained, Simmi has brought along her affable energy to the team at Atmosphere Studio. As our production manager for the past six months (and counting), she expresses her contentment with being able to lead a fully female-run team and impart her tech experience to women of all backgrounds. According to her, the Atmosphere at atmosphere is perennially happy!


Khurshid, Atmosphere’s twenty-two-year-old Delhi boy, admits liking Sikkim more than his hometown. This was where he did his schooling at a humble government school and achieved his bachelor’s degree from the renowned Jamia Millia Islamia University. Khurshid has been a workaholic and a hustler since his school days, when he found his first job as a production manager at Antidote. Here, he served as a dependable part of their team for five wonderful years. Taking his experience forward as a very young man, he secured his second job at Rise Real Tech Pvt Ltd., where he worked for 1.5 years as a store manager. We are immensely proud to have him working with us at Atmosphere Studio as our beloved operations manager. From making sure all orders are delivered with the utmost (gut)love to sharing his passion for cricket, Khurshid’s radiant energy shines throughout!