Sparkling Probiotic Kombucha

Fresh local gut healing tonics.

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Artisan Brewed

Our founders were born and raised in the healthy, beautiful environment of the Himalayas. They started Atmosphere Kombucha with the vision of spreading that lifestyle through products that cleanse the body and inspire you to live your best, from the inside out. They make every batch themselves obsessing over consistency, flavour and quality. 

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  • "I love Atmosphere Kombucha because it’s so delicious!!! I love that it’s so yummy and so healthy at the same time!"
    - Elizabeth Roller
  • "I drink kombucha because it has helped my gut. I have been trying to switch to healthier lifestyle habits for some time and wanted to make necessary changes to my diet. I read about Kombucha online and thought it was a fad and possibly couldn't help much. But I came across Atmosphere on Instagram last year and the variety of flavour options made me want to give it a try and I was happy to see it was a local business in Delhi. I loved it instantly. I started slow and saw small improvements within a week. I used to have constant stomach problems and it helped me so much within a week. Since then I have slowly included it to be a constant in my diet. I have given up on sodas and other carbonated drinks and I have noticed that drinking kombucha regularly has also decreased my appetite for caffeine. Plus all the flavour combinations keep me coming back for more."
    - Diksha Ojha
  • "Kombucha is a digestive elixir to me. It’s fragrant taste lifts my mood and medicinal properties bring relief to my otherwise troubled stomach. Absolutely love my gut’s best friend! Atmosphere, you guys are amazing! More power to you guys for bringing such a super drink to us and sharing your knowledge! 💜🌸"
    - Vatsala Mehra
  • Booch is the closest thing to ikigai in a beverage for me. Boosts my gut bioflora, adds flavour to everything and prevents me from drinking anything deprative to my health. It's a revival of the living art of fermentation. Blessings on blessings ❤️
    - Gokul Bakshi
  • "I tasted this product just ONCE and I immediately signed up for the subscription plan. @shreeyasud and I are hooked. I can't begin to tell you how active and light I feel. The lethargy that comes along with feeling too full and bloated all the time hasn't been part of my life since this happened."
    - Shivangi Sud
  • "The best Kombucha I've had till today."
    - Krishu
  • "I had heard about kombucha but was attracted to it for the very first time a few weeks ago when I saw the Atmosphere kombucha ad on insta. I decided to try it and it has changed my life, not just the kombucha but the Atmosphere brand itself. Even got my husband Arman hooked to it! The reason why I love to drink kombucha is because I've honestly felt a difference in my gut after drinking it for the last couple of weeks. I can't drink plain water a lot so even mixing a bit of kombucha with my water helps me to drink healthy and delicious flavoured water to keep myself hydrated! Thank you Atmosphere for coming into my life and the lovely ladies behind it! 🙏❤️✨ "
    - Maliha
  • "I drink kombucha because I’ve been in love with it ever since I tasted it for the first time last year. I’m all about nature and consuming organic, and kombucha being a natural probiotic drink pretty much tops the list! It’s basically gut health in a bottle, and both my gut and I love it💗"
    - Tanya Singhal
  • "I first started drinking kombucha sometime in early 2019, and have been hooked ever since. For some people it's an acquired taste, but for me Atmosphere was definitely love at first sip 😛 Being the only fizzy drink I enjoy,I have tried a bunch of flavors now. And since now I am being more conscious about what I put in my body way more than ever before, it's one item I cannot do without. I keep making my friends try this amazing drink as well, and it's a great for your body and your conscious 🤗😊
    - Aastha Vasan
  • "I drink kombucha because I learnt that this fermented drink can restore my gut bacteria, which is pretty much non-existent due to prolonged consumption of antibiotics. Of course there are other fermented foods, but none taste as good kombucha. ♥️ #kombuchalover Also Atmosphere has the best tasting kombucha in NCR. Yes, I have tried quite a few."
    - Kriti Govel
  • "Love the fizziness and the flavours!"
    - Anukriti A
  • "Finally Kombucha that doesn't taste like poison."
    - Mallika Dua
  • "Best Kombucha Ever."
    - Arman Sood
  • The Great Kombucha Subscription
  • The Great Kombucha Subscription
  • The Great Kombucha Subscription

The Great Kombucha Subscription

  • Rs. 5,940.00
  • Rs. 7,920.00

Feel better when you drink kombucha? Listen to your body. Have it every day!
Starting 2020 off right means drinking more booch for less, save up to 35% with our new kombucha plan! 

Each box has 12 bottles.

You can get 3 boxes (36 bottle) 

5 boxes (60 bottles) 

7 boxes (82 bottles) 

11 boxes (132 bottles) 

You can specify your flavours each time you get a box. 

How it works: once you place an order for your subscription we make a whatsapp group with you and our team. Every time you are ready for a box you just message and let us know which flavours you are feeling and it'll be at your doorstep within 24 hours. You can take as long as you would like to finish up your subscription. 

No discounts can be used in addition to the subscription. 


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