Rebekah Blank & Ariella Blank

Atmosphere Kombucha was founded by two sisters, Rebekah & Ariella. A health chef and nutritionist they are passionate about helping you thrive in your body.  After struggling for years with food intolerances, gut health issues and low energy Rebekah and Ariella discovered how to heal their own guts through drinking kombucha and eating clean and they would like to help you do the same!

Ariella & Rebekah grew up in the foothills of the Himalayas where they spent their childhood exploring the mountains and living a very organic lifestyle. In 2016 they moved to Delhi for work, Ariella was working as a lead nutritionist with Organic India and Rebekah started Fabcafe with Fabindia. They immediately started to have health issues in Delhi due to the pollution, stress and food poisoning associated with Delhi life. This is where Atmosphere was born, a clean Atmosphere where you can thrive. Rebekah & Ariella have developed tools and insights into thriving, living your best and creating a clean Atmosphere for yourself in a polluted city. The first of which is their gut healing kombucha. 

Rebekah and Ariella are passionate about wellness. They're passionate about creating tools for people to live a happier and healthier life and they believe that a key component of that is through gut health. Learn more about how you can have them as your personal wellness coaches.