Your Ultimate Guide To Kombucha Tea+Probiotics

While a classic tea may be the national drink of our country, a Kombucha tea is definitely the international drink of healthful relaxation. Underneath the floaty chunk and in the process of fermentation lies the real magic people have sworn by, for centuries. But, what actually IS it? What are some of the Kombucha probiotics and benefits you should include it in your diets for? Answering these and some of the most frequently asked questions by our consumers, we bring to you: Atmosphere’s Ultimate Guide to Kombucha! Let’s get started.

What IS Kombucha tea?

According to various definitions, Kombucha is a naturally fermented, slightly effervescent tea commonly consumed for its various health benefits. The way the fermentation takes place is with the magic of a culture called SCOBY put directly inside a jar of green tea.

The SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast) is key to make a kombucha fizzy and properly fermented- it consumes the sugar in the mixture and leaves behind a heavenly concoction filled with probiotic and low calorie goodness.

What is Kombucha good for?

Would anyone who has tried this fermented tea would believe that it is not just a relaxing fizzy beverage, and actually is loaded with several health benefits? In this section, let’s uncover the secret goodness that hides in every booch bottle at Atmosphere!

Kombucha benefits and risks

  • Probiotics: The probiotics found in your booch, that arise as a result of the fermentation process, provide your gut with healthy bacteria. These kombucha probiotics improve digestion, inflammation, and even weight loss!

  • Antioxidants: Substances that kill cell damage-causing free radicals, antioxidants are also greatly beneficial for liver function.


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  • Kills Bacteria: Acetic acid produced during the process of fermentation is a great way to kill all the bad bacteria in your gut microbiome. Literally, restore the perfect balance with some booch-teria!

  • Reduced Heart Disease Risk: According to research, it has been found that drinking kombucha tea every day can effectively help in improving a misbalance of bad and good cholesterol (LDL and HDL respectively).

  • Can manage Type 2 Diabetes: Kombucha drinking is not just safe from unhealthy sugars, but those who suffer because of it! As it slows down the digestion of carbs, it also reduces blood sugar levels and in turn improves liver and kidney function!

What happens when you drink kombucha every day?

Nothing short of gut-health magic! Drinking one bottle of Atmosphere Kombucha every day can help you flush out daily toxins, help you experience better digestion, stay hydrated, and an overall sense of well-being.

Kombucha Probiotics 101

Source: Unsplash

Source: Unsplash

Is Kombucha probiotic or prebiotic

Probiotic! It is worldwide known to be—if not the best, at least one of them— a delicious and refreshing probiotic beverage that can easily be flavoured with choice of fruits, herbs, and even spices for added benefits and tastes!

Furthermore, these probiotics can be explained as live microorganisms that live in its composition and arise as a result of the SCOBY fermentation process.

Is Kombucha good for gut bacteria?

Absolutely! Just like any other fermented food or drink, kombucha probiotics boost the health of cells in your intestines, enhance immune function, and boost digestion. Moreover, it helps you stay hydrated which prevents constipation and keeps your gut microbiome clean and healty!

Kombucha Tea to QualiTEA: Some last thoughts

From being the most refreshing and fun choice of digestive beverage or “upbeat” energy in a bottle to soothe your senses, kombucha has been served in cafes, restaurants, home kitchens, and even bars for decades now. Whichever choice of flavour you choose, we at Atmosphere Studio guarantee: every Kombucha we make is taste and nutrition verified by a team of a chef, nutritionist, food technologist, manufacturers, and our loyal customers.

Ensuring that in every sip, you get a taste of Atmosphere heaven- sealed, capped, and delivered, our hearts to yours. Now, let the booch flow!

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