Spring Gut Masterclass & Reset

The Spring Gut Reset  is a course to help you learn about the greatest factor that determines our health: the gut.

Our gut houses our natural microbiome: the bacteria that live across our digestive systems and help us absorb nutrients from our food. What we eat on a daily basis affects the balance of the good and bad bacteria in our gut. This in turn impacts everything from our immunity and digestion to our energy levels, mood and even our appearance.

The Spring Gut Reset is a 21-day online program specially designed to equip you with the knowledge of the foods and practices that’ll keep your gut functioning at its best. And to top it off, you’ll also get to experience the transformational effects of a gut cleanse with our 14-day meal plan that comes complete with easy-to-follow recipes.

Coconut Yoghurt

This one-of-a-kind workshop will be led by our co-founders Rebekah and Ariella, who are committed to spreading awareness on gut health.

What you’ll learn:

Understanding the gut: how does our digestion really work?
The crucial role of stomach acid on digestion
How sugar affects your gut bacteria
Digesting fats and detoxing your liver for a well-functioning gut
Food intolerances and healing the small intestine
The transformational power of a gut cleanse
Prebiotics and probiotics 

What you’ll achieve

The knowledge of what goes on inside your gut right from the time you smell your food to the process of eliminating waste. You’ll also learn about the effect that food has on your gut bacteria and how you can encourage healthy bacteria to grow by eating certain foods and eliminating others. You will understand the function of prebiotics and probiotics and how to consume them to maximise your wellbeing.

Additionally, as part of the gut cleansing meal plan, you'll get 14 days worth of recipes to come back to whenever you feel like a detoxing reset.
Avocado Toast

Who is this course for?

The Spring Gut Reset is designed to help those with:

  • Digestion issues like bloating, heaviness after meals, acid reflux or a sluggish digestion

  • Hormonal imbalance issues like thyroid, PCOS that are exacerbated by improper diet and lifestyle habits

  • Weight gain or fluctuating weight and water retention

Overall, the program is designed to give you knowledge that you can incorporate into your own life, and understand what foods and habits are beneficial for your body.

Who will you learn with?

The program is designed and led by Rebekah and Ariella Blank, who are the founders of Atmosphere. Their goal is to make gut health awareness available to everyone and help you thrive in your body. Ariella is a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, and Rebekah has had years of experience in the F&B industry creating healthy meals.

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