Atmosphere Kombucha

Gut Health Consultation with Ariella

Born and raised in Mussoorie, India, Ariella is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Gut Health Expert. Over the last 7 years, she has led over 250 sessions at wellness cafes and corporates across India about gut health, anti-inflammatory eating, and fermentation. After helping Organic India launch its Wellness Centers and training nutritionists for posts across India, she discovered that over 85% of patients coming for consultations suffered from IBS and the market didn't have a great source of probiotics, especially for those who are lactose intolerant (up to 70% of India's population). It was out of this gap in the market that Atmosphere was born, as kombucha aids in healing the symptoms of IBS and balancing the gut while also detoxifying the liver. Her expertise is in healing the body through the foods and herbs we feed it with. Taking a wholesome approach and reinventing common unhealthy foods and putting a healthy twist to them, her hope is to make eating healthy accessible to all. For those who don't want 

Our gut consists of 5 organs and digestion is a north to south process. IBS or Acidity are oh so common but how do we break it down to figure out which organ is struggling and specifically target that organ? 

Sign up for a one on one guided consultation with Ariella today. She will work with you to figure out what symptoms you're facing on a daily basis and what each of these signs points to. You'll come out of the consultation with a clearer idea of what foods suit you and how to put your health into your own hands, using foods and herbs to balance your gut and help you live a lighter and happier life!

Rs. 900.00

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