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BLOAT NO MORE provides you with the enzymes you need to break down your food and digest and absorb what you eat, while DETOX aids the liver in detoxing the body and burning fat.

If you've been bloated or acidic for a while, chances are your body hasn't been triggered to make its own enzymes for digestion.

And when you're not breaking down food because you don't have the right enzymes, havoc is wreaked on the gut in turn resulting in a lot of nutrients that could have been turned into useful compounds in the body being wasted.

BLOAT NO MORE gives your body a break and does the work for it- while also training it to make these necessary enzymes to take the load off of the gut! DETOX aids the liver-gallbladder to clear out waste, burn fat and help you to be more energetic. Because if you're not digesting it you're storing it and this really bogs the gut down! 
Consider these to be the 2 training wheels to getting your digestion back in order!

Helps with:
Breaking down protein and carbs in your meals
Feeling heavy after meals
Digesting fully
Helps the stomach make enough acid so our food flows downwards, not upwards (reflux!)
Triggers the pancreas to make enzymes for digestion

1 Bottle Detox
1 Bottle Bloat No More

Rs. 1,350.00 Rs. 1,500.00

Introducing Atmospheres Targeted Science Based Gut Supplements!

Why Atmosphere Gut Supplements?

Our supplements aren't your typical laxatives/probiotics. These are targeted gut supplements that are designed to heal root gut issues.

  • clinically studied
  • 3rd party tested
  • based on science
  • incorporating ancient wisdom

Targeted Gut Healing

Each of our supplements is designed to support a different organ in your gut

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