What goes into our healthy pancake mix

We've already told you that our pancakes are made without grains, sugar or dairy, but do you know what goes into them? A whole lot of gut-loving ingredients that combine healthy fats, protein and prebiotic fibers (for good gut bacteria).
Paleo Pancakes
Let's go over these to understand what they do for your gut. Hint: it's all good!

Arrowroot and cassava flour:

These root-based flours are very gut friendly with a whole lot of resistant starch and prebiotic fibers. This is the kind that isn't digested in your small intestine (and doesn't spike your blood sugar very strongly), and instead is consumed by friendly bacteria in the large intestine

Almond flour:

A low carbohydrate + high protein flour made from almonds. It is nutritious and is full of healthy fat, making it one of the most anti-inflammatory flours you can eat!

Banana flour:

This is another great source of resistant starch made from bananas (another reason to love them!). It also comes with a natural mild sweetness to flavour the mix!


An amazing natural binder that adds consistency to your pancakes, egg is also full of protein, making it ideal to eat for breakfast.

Coconut flour:

A flour derived from coconuts that acts as a binder to hold everything together, plus it has healthy fats to keep you satisfied.
Coconut Flour Pancakes


A pure form of vanilla extracted straight from the source, without any added sugar. Vanilla adds a natural sweetness to the mix, making it so yummy!


A keto and diabetic-friendly sweetener that tastes great, and doesn't irritate the gut or cause any unpleasant gas or bloating.
Paleo Pancakes

Baking soda:

A rising agent that makes your pancakes fluffy. We've sourced one that's completely gluten-free

Pink Himalayan Salt:

A mineral-rich salt that brings out all the flavours of the pancake mix .
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Pancake Mix

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