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Eating for a healthy gut is fairly counter cultural in our sugar and wheat obsessed world. A lot of the products that you might need aren’t available at your average grocery store. That’s why we’ve gone ahead and created this special gut health shopping list for you (hint, Amazon is a saviour when it comes to sourcing obscure gut healthy ingredients). 

Here are some of the pantry staples we keep around to make gut healthy cooking so much easier:

Healthy Sugar Substitutes:

Coconut Sugar - this low GI sugar made from coconut sap has a lovely caramel texture and is a great sugar alternative to use for baking or in your tea/coffee. Check it out here. 

Erythritol- a sugar alcohol that actually avoids being digested in your gut and thus has zero calories or affect on your blood sugar. Some people find that eating too much of this can give you a stomach upset but overall, if you can tolerate it, this is a great healthy sweetener. You can order this here.

Gut Shopping List

Replacements for Wheat Flour:

Almond Flour- A zero carb flour replacement, almond flour is great for baking cakes and cookies as it has a nice spongy texture. Order some here. 

Coconut Flour- Made from the fiber of the coconut that is removed when coconut milk is made. This flour is one of the healthiest options out there and can be useful for making cakes, breads and cookies. It's highly absorbent of moisture so a little bit of coconut flour goes a long way! Get some here.

Singhada Flour - Great for making rotis. Check out our recipe for singhada chia chapatis here. Source some of this amazing flour here. 

Jackfruit Flour- Another great low GI flour which makes amazing chapatis. These are an excellent alternative for anyone who is diabetic. Just mix this flour with hot water to make delightful phulkas. Get your jackfruit flour here. 


Replace Oil With:

Ghee - Native to India this is one of the healthiest fats for frying and cooking. We recommend picking A2 ghee from Adya Organics

Extra Virgin Olive Oil- Great for light cooking and salad dressings. Olive oil is oh so good for you! Get some here or here. Make sure it's always extra virgin!

Coconut Oil- Another great one for frying and cooking. We're lucky to live in one of the countries with the most coconuts in the world. We recommend this coconut oil.

Avocado Oil- This oil is also amazing for cooking and frying and the best part is that it has a light and neutral taste. Order this here. 

 Replace Rice with:

Cauliflower Rice- Cauli rice is super easy to make- all you need is a little bit of your local gobi. Find a recipe video for making this here.

Quinoa - Another great rice replacement, quinoa is full of protein which makes it a super important grain for vegetarians and vegans. Get some here. 


Healthy Pantry

Replace Noodles with:

Zucchini Noodles - Check out our blog post which explains all the different ways of making zucchini noodles and what tools you’ll need to make them.

 Sweet Potato Noodles- These delicious noodles need to be boiled a little bit longer than usual but have an amazing texture. We highly recommend them in asian recipes or stir fries with a dash of sesame oil! Get these here. 

Bean Threads- another great easy gut healthy alternative to normal noodles. These are great for things like padthai and even make a quick easy snack with some Maggie masala sprinkled over! Get these here. 

Atmosphere Grain Free Noodles -We’re releasing our grain-free and gluten-free pasta made from almond flour and root starches soon. Our Atmosphere pasta is great with a pesto or marinara sauce. These will be available here -you can sign up to get a notification when these beauties are back in stock!

Dairy Alternatives: 

Almond milk - An easy milk replacement for traditional dairy-based milk. You can buy it in cartons, or easily make your own almond milk at home. Find our recipe here. If you would like to purchase almond milk instead, you can get it here

Coconut Yoghurt - As great yoghurt alternative, and a healthy dairy-free source of good fats. You can make your own at home, find the recipe here. If you're not in the mood for this DIY, you can purchase coconut yoghurt from Epigamia here

Gut healthy eating is a challenge, but the first step is stocking your pantry with gut healthy foods. You'll find new recipes, ingredients and ways of eating that you love and what you'll love most is the way it makes you feel!
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