5 Simple and Effective Ways Ways to Take Care of Your Gut

Gut health is not just a trend these days, science is discovering that our gut health is linked to our mood, mental health, hormones and metabolism. Do you experience stomach aches, gas, bloating or just general fatigue on a regular basis? These are all signs that there might be something going on in your gut. 

#1. Take Collagen

Collagen is a protein that is present in your hair, skin and nails. It's also what your small intestine lining is made of. Supplementing with collagen helps heal and seal the lining of your gut which in turn helps your gut work seamlessly. Collagen powder is available on amazon in veg and non veg versions. Another amazing source of collagen is bone broth- this can be made by cooking bones in a pressure cooker for several hours.
If you cant get your hands on collagen, L-glutamine is another amino acid that heals the gut.


#2. Avoid gluten and dairy

Gluten and dairy are the most common inflammatory foods that can cause distress in the gut. If you are experiencing any kind of gut troubles it is good to try and avoid both of these foods for a period of 2-3 weeks and see if this helps your gut feel better.

#3. Eat Coconut

Coconut is an excellent source of easily digestible fat. It helps support your gallbladder and is also an anti-microbial which is good for rebalancing your gut bacteria. You can cook your food in coconut oil, add coconut milk to your smoothies or curries, or you can eat shredded coconut in salads or have green coconuts on the street. Even just taking a spoon of coconut oil a day is amazing for your gut.

#4. Gut Healing Herbs

Ginger is one of the most soothing and healing herbs for your gut. Our Ginger Kombucha is a go-to for us whenever we are having stomach troubles. Mint is also a great herb for supporting and soothing your gut. You can infuse your water with mint or apply an essential oil.

#5. Probiotics

There's basically a war going on in your gut between good bacteria and bad bacteria and the way to win this war is to constantly reinforce your gut with probiotics. Sources of probiotics are yoghurt, kefir, home made pickles, kanji, probiotic supplements and kombucha!

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