Indian Herbs that Help Manage Stress

Adaptogens are a class of herbs that have been used for a very long time in Ayurveda. These herbs actually help rebalance your body and create a sense of peace and calm when you are feeling stressed. While it’s super important to examine the route causes of stress and work towards a less stressful life. These herbs offer a little boost that’ll make the process a little less overwhelming. I personally drink Tulsi tea everyday and take the other 3 herbs in supplement form daily✨

Curcumin: HERE - 2 capsules daily

Ashwagandha: HERE 1-2 capsules daily (for 3 months)

This one can make some people sleepy so it's good to take it in the evening.

Shatavari: HERE 

1-3 capsules daily (for 3 months)

Shatavari is recommended for female bodied humans only.

Tulsi: HERE

1 TBSP brewed in tea (I like mine with a squeeze of lemon)

Can be consumed daily.

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