Unwind Candle

Rs. 1,350

Absorb the calm and gentle aromas of our organic soy wax candle.

Infused with lemon, ylang ylang, clove bud, grapefruit, orange, and lavender, these organic essences work powerfully to still the mind and soothe the gut.

This blend of oils stimulates the vagus nerve, the gentle and powerful controller which governs our parasympathetic nervous system, putting the body in a  state to rest, digest, and unwind.

Tips for a good burn, every time.
  • This large 400g candle comes with a wooden wick. While lighting the wick, ensure that the flame touches it from all sides. Wood wicks may take longer to light, so be patient until it does to experience a smooth burn.
  • Sometimes the candle needs to be light 2-3 times before the wood wick will burn with a stable flame. You'll need a lighter to light this candle. 
  • Let the candle burn until the wax melts all the way to the edge to avoid tunneling or being left with unburnt wax. This may take 60 minutes or longer.
  • Always keep your candle in sight on a heat-resistant surface, and avoid touching it until it has cooled completely.
  • If your candle begins to smoke or the wick is longer than 6mm, trim it by gently breaking off any charred bits with a paper napkin, and ensure that there are no pieces of wood on the surface of the wax.


Through the alchemy of fermentation, tea, the most popular beverage in the world, becomes a healthy, bubbly brew. As in all types of fermentation a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) is added to a substrate of sweet tea and fermented for a week or more. During this time the bacteria and yeast consume the sugar and caffeine from the tea, reproduce and fill the liquid with lots of probiotic cultures. The plain kombucha is then infused with whole fruit and herbs to create our tasty and fizzy brews. This dynamic health duo- tea and fermentation - packs a nutritional punch that boosts digestion and immunity in one tasty sip.

When should I drink Kombucha?

You can really drink it anytime. Its a great pick me up first thing in the morning, but it also enhances digestion when consumed with food. Its a lovely beverage to help you unwind at the end of the day.


Where is your Kombucha Made?

Our Kombucha is made right here in South Delhi!


Is Atmosphere Kombucha Sugar Free?

We don't add any sugar to the kombucha after the fermentation process however there can be some residual sugar in the kombucha from before the fermentation. Each bottle has about 10g of sugar in it. If you are unable to have any sugar at all, after you purchase Atmosphere Kombucha leave it out of the fridge for 24-36 hours and the sugar levels will go down.


How much should I drink a day?

Our bottles are designed to be a single serving size, to be consumed in one sitting. We would recommend a bottle a day, you can consume up to 4 or 5 bottles a day if you like.


Once I order, when will it arrive?

We usually deliver your order within 24 hours, however sometimes due to stock and delivery restrictions it could take up to 2 or 3 days to receive your order. If you have any specific delivery timelines please do let us know in the comment box on the checkout page.


What are the health benefits?

Kombucha contains enzymes beneficial to digestion, organic acids which detoxify the liver, probiotics which strengthen the gut, and B vitamins which are needed for energy. 


Do you ship Kombucha to my city?

We are currently only able to deliver Atmosphere Kombucha in Delhi NCR. Do follow us on Instagram and stay tuned. We will be coming to your city soon.


A note on COVID-19; this is an unprecedented situation and we are doing the best that we can to keep our employees safe & to provide immune boosting kombucha to our community. We are taking every precaution to safely run our business. This includes constant sanitation, masks and social isolation for all of our employes. . We believe that Kombucha is an extremely healthy beverage that boosts the immune system and keeps you in optimum health. We hope to continue serving Delhi with our brews as long as it is safe for our team.

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