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The Atmosphere Reset, May 5-19

If you're not sure about joining this course, sign up for the one day free trial and get the first lesson of The Atmosphere Reset free!

Make lockdown count. Reset your body and your health with the 14 day Atmosphere Reset. From May 1-14. Atmosphere founders, Ariella and Rebekah will be your personal wellness coaches.

This is an online course during which we teach your to take control of your health and nutrition. You will be sent daily workout videos you can do at home.

You will learn how to:

Plan your nutrition according to your goals

Track your macros

Make your own meal plans

Cook new healthy food

We will be teaching you about various topics that connect to long term health, these topics include:

Blood sugar, eating to balance your energy

Hormones & Stress, how to eat to avoid this

Gut Health, how to heal your gut for good!

Daily movement and why it'll keep you healthy longer


How will it work?

Sign up for the course here and then stating on the first day we will send you an email with a video and some resources every morning. Each day you will watch the video and follow through with the assignments for the day.

Since we are currently under lockdown everything in this course is designed to be possible with basic ingredients that you can get from local shops around your house.

This is an opportunity to learn more about your body & nutrition. Challenge yourself to feel better and have more energy. We're excited to work with you!