• Strawberry Fizz
  • Strawberry Fizz
The Atmosphere Kombucha Brewery

Strawberry Fizz

  • Rs. 220.00

Atmosphere’s strawberry water kefir: a classy & refreshing bubbly drink. This product is completely organic & naturally low in sugar: the best of both worlds. Water kefir is full of vitamins, giving you energy and an immune boost.

Delicious effervescent strawberry. Refreshing and light for a hot summers day or anytime you want to hydrate and feel vibrant from the inside out!

Caution: open slowly! This drink is extremely bubbly.

Keep Refrigerated

Ingredients: Raw Kombucha, Fresh Strawberries

Bottle size: 235ml

Calories per bottle: 40

Once you place an order, we deliver within 3 days, but usually within 24 hours.

We deliver in Delhi NCR only!